Technocratic media for the masses.

The People's Radio is a media production organization currently in it's alpha stage of development.

This entity will produce and publish material that endorses a pro-science message. All material is designed to be informative, entertaining, and concise. 

The primary message that will be promoted is one of science, critical thinking, skepticism, and futurism. 
Political commentary will take a pro-worker perspective. 

The People's Radio believes that work done by humans, including the work of the human mind, is to be revered. Humanity as a whole should be allowed to enjoy the fruits of its labor, not just a small select few.
We believe that the transition to a voluntary workforce is not only inevitable, given the rise in work force automation, but preferable to maximize human happiness and creative output.

The People's Radio in the upcoming future will increase the quality of our production value. As we expand our services, we will continue to provide up to date and informative news on scientific advancements, public service announcements, and online social media broadcasting.