Organizing for Humanity is a technocratic conglomerate founded on the belief that profit should not be the primary motive for human progression.

We are a group of scientists, engineers and technocrats from a variety of areas and expertise that have come together to solve the worlds toughest problems.  We plan to rebuild human infrastructure worldwide using 21st century technology and manufacturing capabilities. We will operate inside already existing laws and structures using a combination of preexisting technologies, soon-to-exist technologies, and proprietary technologies we develop. 

We are singularitists and utopists.  But first and foremost we are realists who employ critical thinking and base our decisions upon empiricism.  We understand that utopia is impossible, but that will not deter us from striving to reach that goal always.

We have established these moral guiding principles.  All humans and transhumans have the right to:

  1. Life
  2. Food
  3. Clean water
  4. Housing
  5. Energy
  6. Medical care
  7. Education (based on empirical science and critical thinking)
  8. Self-determination and the pursuit of happiness
  9. Speech, expression, love, art, culture, identity, individualism
  10. Collectivism